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Hot Home Decorating Trends for 2009


Our retirement accounts and stock portfolios are shriveling and the dark, cold days of winter have only just begun.

What's a down-in-the- dumps homeowner to do to lift that gloomy mood?

Break out the yellow paint, pick up a few bright purple throw pillows and dig around for a brilliant blue blanket. And have you ever considered a red toaster?

"With all the political, economic and global changes we are coming into right now, people want to feel more stable and have a little lighter outlook in their home," says Boulder designer Lovedy Barbatelli. "As far as color and general feel of the house goes, lighter, brighter colors are the trend for 2009." 

Here's a closer look at what's expected to be in - and out - in 2009:


* What's in? Bright yellows, bold reds and purples. Light grays, browns and greens.

* What's out? Nothing.

"This is a new phenomenon," says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. "Truly today, there isn't one color family we would not use in the home. Years ago if you told someone to paint their dining- room walls red, they would look at you like you are nuts. Today you see it all the time."

* Why? In December, the New-Jersey-based Pantone Color Institute named mimosa yellow as its color of the year for 2009 because it "exemplifies the warmth and nurturing quality of the sun, properties we as humans are naturally drawn to for reassurance."

But that's not to say that when times are tough, we're all expected to go out and buy a yellow couch.

"On big-ticket items like the sofa, the carpeting and the window coverings, people are being more thoughtful and practical (choosing light browns, grays and muted greens), knowing this is going to be something that is going to have to last a long time," Eiseman says.

Meanwhile, she says, they're adding a little cheer and whimsy with bold hues on accessories and walls.


* What's in? Carpet tiles. Bamboo. Glass.

* What's out? Wall-to-wall carpet.

* Why? Colistra says bamboo is light and environmentally sustainable. Glass lets lots of light through, making a smaller home look larger and brighter. And carpet tiles ( are made with renewable materials, allow for a creative yet easily changed design and are easier to replace when worn then an entire wall-to-wall carpet.


* What's in? Contemporary looks, clean lines and shimmery finishes on fabrics and in wallpaper.

* What's out? Puffy, oversize furniture. Dark colors. Clutter.

* Why? As people downsize, or at least tighten up on what they buy for their existing homes, they're becoming more discriminating and going for a simpler, more soothing look.

They are not, however, losing their sense of adventure.

"We're looking for a little bit more calming quality in our home life, but still with a little bling," Barbatelli says.


* What's in? Brightly colored appliances. Eco-friendly and laminate countertops. Smart ranges and refrigerators.

* What's out? Stainless steel and granite are fading. Bisque is a goner.

* Why? Appealing to the expected color craze, Viking Range Corp. recently expanded its range of major-appliance finishes from 14 to 24 color choices, and companies like TurboChef, Dacor and Hamilton Beach have weighed in with blue, red and orange oven doors, cobalt-blue dishwashers, and carmine-red mixers and toasters.

Meanwhile, homeowners appear to be growing tired of watching their wine glasses chip on unforgiving granite countertops and instead are looking toward softer, greener surfaces and those that can be easily (and inexpensively) swapped out as trends change.

"People are looking for conversation pieces. They want to show how green they are, and things like soy products, pressed sunflower seeds and recycled paper are a better story than just granite," says Colistra. He says Richlite, a countertop material made of recycled paper, is particularly popular, and laminate, once balked at as cheap, is making a comeback.

Technology-wise, Ty Touslee of Builder's Appliance Center predicts that even "smarter" time-saving ranges and refrigerators will emerge this year. For instance, tell the Miela Master Chef oven what you want to cook and how much it weighs and it will automatically determine how long, and at what temperature, it should be cooked. You can even store your own recipes in its computer brain.

Hot 10 Home Decor Trends 2009

Submitted by Carmen Natschke - Editor, The Decorating Diva LLC on Saturday, 3 January 2009

The following ten design trends for 2009 are some of the most prominent, and are the ones driving design and decorating style for the upcoming year.

1. UNIQUELY ME CHIC: Eclectic styling as seen in the newly revived interest in Hollywood Regency and mixing of periods and styles speaks to the need that each of us has to leave our own unique personality stamp on our home decor.

2. LIVE RESPONSIBLY: Societal responsibility and Eco-awareness in decor and furniture purchases (saying it’s Green is not enough today - consumers demand proof that the process and the final product truly are Green, sustainable and meet with Fair Trade standards). The 2008 SAGE award winners Cisco Brothers (Harmony Ottoman), Hickory Chair (Tufted Victorian Pouf) and Valley Forge Fabrics(Celerie Collection) are companies leading the Green Design movement with their commitment to the environment.

3. LUXURIOUSLY GREEN: Add silk-like eco-bedding to your organic linens vocabulary, as sumputous, silken luxury bedding makes a strong debut in the eco-bedding category. Luxury organic linens like Anna Sova’s Marigold eco-silk Collection and SDH Linens silky Legna Collection have taken the concept of organic bedding to the next level. These natural silk-like linens are created from organic materials such as processed wood-pulp (in the case of SDH), and are given gorgeous color through the use of non-toxic dyes

4. FASHIONISTA FINERY: A couture flair in decorative pillows expect to see gorgeous pillows dressed in high fashion details. Silver-Gray fabric floral and beaded accent pillow (DB Source), Etro Pokram Cushion (This Is Auto), Natasha Peacock Pillow (Blissliving Home), and Swarovski crystal embellished pillow ( Bagnaresi Casa).

5. ARTISTIC LOVE: Desire and appreciation for artisan pieces and one-of-a kind decor and furniture-propelled by the rejection of impersonal, mass produced objects. Hand painted wall covering Neptune collection (Sondra Alexander), Black and Iris glass tubes (Tsunami Glassworks), and mixed media artwork from artist Panther Staton.

6. DESIGN WITHOUT BORDERS: Global and multi-cultural decor inspired by China, Russia, Latin America, Morocco and India (primary influences) are mixed and matched to create a global design tour at home. Wool Rug “Marisol Chili” inspired by 20th Century Mexican Embroidery. (Company C ), Arabesque Velvet pillow (Dransfield & Ross), Pierre Frey Bolchoi Collection “Coussin Moskova”(Home Fashion Shop) and Mulan Rug - The Disney Collection (The Rug Market).

7. PATTERN PRIDE: Art Nouveau and Art Deco inspired, botanicals, paisley, brocade, elegant animal prints, stripes and geometric patterns and motifs appear in decorative accessories and furnishings. Ivy book shelf (Tema Home ), Octagonal Mirror (Global Views), Bouquet Chair (Bailey Street) , Grand Palais art by Judy Shelby (Uttermost), Cheetah patterned ottoman “Elegance” (Century Furniture).

8. STYLE SHOCK: Gorgeous collision of differing, and, at times, clashing design styles give birth to new artistic interpretations of design, and mixed-media layered “mosaics” that are gaining popularity in artwork, textiles, decor and furniture - a nod to the craftsman/artisan influence on design for 2009. Shabby Louis (Gilles Nouhailhac), Patchwork style “Element” accent pillow 91656 (Koko Company) , and Bellini Chair (Versace Home ).

9. SANCTUARY HOME: Creating a home environment, even if it’s only one room, that comforts and offers peace and serenity in tumultuous economic and geo-political environments by embracing simple, understated luxury and serene colors inspired by the earth’s oceans, beaches, deserts and forests. Avenue Six Curves Button Back Lounge Chair Green (Exclusively Home), Donna Upholstered Bed (Carriage House Furniture), and South Coast Chair (Taylor King).

10. MODERN EMBRACE: An overall trending toward contemporary style with increasing focus on classic traditional furniture re-interpreted in refreshingly sophisticated modern style, and mixing contemporary, and classic pieces to create a timeless elegant interior environment. Belgravia Silver Chaise(Sweet Pea and Willow), Striped Eglomise accent chest (The Platt Collections), Hot Pink Commode LXV ( Cote France) , and Louis XVI Medallion Chair (
Gilles Nouhailhac).
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